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Company Introduction

Dongguan Nengyi Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of standard and custom-designed Electrical Equipment for industrial, control and general-purpose applications.

Nengyi Electric provide OEM & ODM service for Load Banks, Neutral Earthing Resistors, and Braking Resistor certificated with ISO9001,CE,RoHS. Load banks are devices which contain resistive, inductive and/or capacitive loads, apply the load to an electrical power source and dissipate the power of the electrical source. Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGRs) are used to limit the fault current for safety of equipment and personnel in industrial systems. Braking resistors provide compact and economical solution for dissipating the excess energy produced by the motor. Nengyi provides dynamic braking solution with any duty cycle for various applications with power ratings from a few watts to many megawatts.。

Nengyi Electric R&D teamers had clear division labor, provide the most professional service, structure engineers and electrical engineers ensure product the best design, test engineer will do factory test, and help our customer on-site installation, also train staff. The most suitable and easy use product shall be provided to our customer.

By providing high quality products and good after service, Nengyi Electric have been recognized by Siemens, Schneider, Huawei, TBEA. In Domestic Market, we are quality supplier of National Power Grid, Huawei, TBEA, GREE. And also, we had much experience in cooperation with world market, we had supplied for Siemens (German), Horizon (Singapore), ADA tech (USA), ALPHA Technologies LTD.(Canada), ELAD Construction & Supply Inc. (Philippines), Fujikura EPC Co., Ltd(Japan).

Nengyi people uphold the “service first” concept, do the best products, push the best plan, to create the greatest value for customers.Make the world love the “China Solution”

Enterprise Qualification

ISO 9001 Management System ,Type Test,Trade Mark, Patent


The products are exported to domestic and foreign markets, and successfully qualified by Siemens, Huawei and TBEA.

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